About the market

The Times They Are A-Changin'

The new era of financial services is here and one of the big winners seem to be the BNPL fintechs


Fintech companies control the BNPL landscape

The fintechs had their time to grow and boy did they grow big


Customer preferences seem to have changed for good

That's a no-brainer that customer got used to and truly love BNPL as a payment


Banking and financing costs are on the rise

The changes in the economy just further accelerate this process

We have our platform ready for you

The required platforms are already available for you to onboard and serve both BNPL users and merchant partners

Customer facing application

A comprehensible user journey ready for your no-code customizations

Merchant portal

Everything needed for your merchant partnerships

Key features

You just simply can't go wrong with our BNPL solution

Everything we made is tailored for the requirements of the banking and financial sector.

Batteries included

Every platform and component ready for your use-case

Fully customizable

Everything can be changed down to the very core

Enterprise ready software

Your compliance department will be more than happy

Go live in weeks

Depending on your integration requirements