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How it works?

Our digital instalment scheme provides a complete solution for our merchants partners online or offline.


1. End to end digital process

No manuality, no processing times, no paperwork. A digital solution with lightning-fast processes.


2. Without banks

The implementation does not require a bank, the instalment facility is provided by the merchants for its premium customers.


3. Tailored to your specific needs

High customisability, tailored to the image of our partners. Adaptable to online and physical processes.

BNPL powered by instacash

About our solution


Business advantages

The service provides high added value and serves as an excellent marketing and brand-building tool. By its introduction, our partners achieve significant traffic growth beyond strategic advantages.


Outstanding customer experience

Favorable Payment Option. Lightning-fast Processes. The comfortably and rapidly available interest-free installment payment represents real value for the customers.


The fastest-growing payment solution

Besides exceptional customer experience, BNPL offers significant business advantages for merchants. No wonder that in Western Europe, BNPL is the fastest-growing payment solution.

Process overview

How does digital installment payment work?


Digital Customer Identification

Only a mobile phone or laptop is needed for identification.


Automatic Customer Evaluation

Automated assessment in moments, with electronic bank account history sharing.


Digital Contract Signing

Online contract signing with a mobile phone in your pocket.


Automated Installment Payments

In the most convenient way possible.

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Why us?

Optimal solution for complex problems

Have you been searching for the ideal financing solution for a while?
We embrace challenges, and we enjoy devising optimal solutions for complex issues. Let's explore how instacash's digital installment payment system addresses various needs!

Innovative technology

End-to-end digital processes, without papers and waiting times.

Lending expertise

We have comprehensive knowledge in the field of lending and a profound understanding of risk management.

Favorable service fees

Our service fees pale in comparison to the profits generated from additional purchases.

Comprehensive solution

Operations and customer support are provided by instacash.

Digital Installment Payment Platform

Explore the Instacash Digital Installment Payment System! Take a look at the functionalities of the customer portal, merchant portal, and decision making engine!

The application can be initiated by either the customer or the salesperson

End-to-end digitized and automated installment payment solution: authentication interface, purchase details interface, data completion, customer due diligence, electronic bank account sharing based on Open Banking standards, automated assessment and decision-making, electronic contract execution, and seamless monthly automated payments.

Lightning-Fast Process

Application in seconds, without manuality and paperwork.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic payment and overdue reminder emails and SMS.

Bank account history is shared via Open Banking solutions

After identification, customers electronically share their bank account information. The pre-configured customer rating system (scoring engine) automatically determines eligibility for installment payment based on Open Banking (PSD2) standards, i.e. digital bank account history data, regular income and level of indebtedness.

Electronic Account History

This eliminates the need for bank statements and income verification.

Automated Decision-making

Real-time decision-making without manual intervention, based on bank account information.

Dedicated interface for the merchant

The Merchant Portal offers various essential functions for merchants through a digital interface. Customization of the appearance (branding) of the Customer Application Interface is done through this platform. Here, the functionality for managing individual interventions and created installment payment transactions is accessible. The Merchant Portal supports the merchants daily operations with statistics and reporting functions.

Installment Payment Customization

Flexibly adjustable installment payment structures.

Scoring Engine Customization

The decision-making engine can be flexibly configured and modified.

Flexibly configurable processes

The backbone of our instalment payment solution is the Administrative Portal. The portal ensures platform management and allows the complete process to be flexibly configured according to merchant's needs, including: customization of installment payment structures (term, down payment determination); customization of the decision-making engine; customization of processes, documents, contracts; management of notifications (email, SMS); customer support.

Design Customization

Matching the service provider's branding

Purchases, Reports

Transaction and portfolio-level statements, statistics, analytics.

Scoring and decision-making engine included

The parameterizable and configurable scoring engine and decision-making engine enable automated assessment of installment payment applications. We provide a bank-level scorecard that examines customer income and indebtedness data among many other factors. While taking into account the service providers needs, we combine insights gained from numerous BNPL transactions during the determination of decision logics.

Customizable Evaluation

Adaptable rigor of evaluation to service provider's needs.

Bank-level Decision Logic

We assess customers' capacity to pay the installments based on banking risk management methodology.