About the market

The Times They Are A-Changin'

The new era of financial services is here and one of the big winners seem to be the BNPL fintechs

Batteries included

Every platform and component ready for your use-case

Fully customizable

Everything can be changed down to the very core

Enterprise ready software

Your compliance department will be more than happy

Go live in weeks

Depending on your integration requirements


A modern IT platform

The instacash platform is perfected with good care to stand up to the most recent IT standards

Cloud-native technology

Our solution is not picky. Both cloud and on-premise environment is available

Built on solid foundations

The platform is built on enterprise grade frameworks

Endless customizations

Built-in drag and drop interfaces make every change request a breeze

Easily scalable architecture

The microservice and API based architecture ensures painless scalability

Explore the amazing product features

Have a look at our cloud based, low code or no code solution prividing end-to-end BNPL capabilities

Merchant portal

Fully digital end-to-end merchant onboarding and contracting process is available with the merchant portal that allows your to easily scale your merchant partnerships. The merchant portal also serves as a single platform the enables the merchant integration, reporting and order handling.

E2E digital onboarding

Including data flows, document handling, KYC, and electronic signatures

Easy API integration

With our plugin ecosystem the integration is a breeze

Scoring engine

The in-built scoring and decisioning engine provides all the risk mitigation features your business needs. It does not matter if you already have a model built or prefer to test different scenarios first. All these capabilities are already included.

Amazing UX

Drag and drop parametrisation of the whole decisioning

Data sources

Integrated 3rd party data sources ready to use

Administration portal

The drag and drop process and product parametrisation, notification and document templating all serve the purpose of creating a flexible and easily customisable white-label BNPL solution

Drag and drop functionalities

Change your application flow easily with flexible fields and flows

Control everything

Modify anything to the last bit without writing a single line of code

User journey

Provide a flexible and future-proof user portal to onboard and serve customers with their BNPL purchase. Provide a purchase history, deal management and BNPL applications easily.

Mobile application ready

Can be easily integrated in a mobile application using APIs and SDKs

Optional web view

Available in a web based journey as well to serve all requirements